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     Maybe you're a company looking to support one of our grand initiatives or a business looking for a new advertising opportunity that would also make you feel warm and fuzzy. Or perhaps you are simply passionate about what we do. No matter where you fall, we are always looking for new partners, sponsors, and collaborators.


     We want to make sure you get to the right place. Please see the brief descriptions below and select the button that best fits your unique needs. For general questions or concerns please utilize the Contact page. Thank you!

Advertising Partners

    Our Advertising Partners are generally companies or individuals who are specifically looking to purchase ad space and garner additional buzz for their business or side hustles all while supporting the arts! We have several packages to choose from all offering a plethora of benefits in addition to the ad space. Please click the button below to view our packages.

Sponsorship Partners

    Our Sponsorship Partners are generous companies or individuals who want to help us take strides in accomplishing our vision. This comes in many forms from elevating the quality of our shows, funding new campaigns, focusing on a specific community need, or simply helping us cover the costs of operating a theatre company. We always are looking for new sponsors and have several campaign projects in need of funding. Please click the button below to view our current sponsorship options.

Collaboration Partners

    Our Collaborating Partners are typically other arts organizations or artists who want to work with us on a grander scale. If you have an idea for a project that fits our mission and vision, we'd love to hear it! Please click the button below to send us a collaboration request. 

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