Founder & Artistic Director


Award-winning playwright, director, and actress Megan Ann Jacobs has always believed in the power of stories. After studying both theatre and English at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Megan dove out into the theatre world and eventually ended up in Indianapolis. Megan hones her craft from many angles including as an actor and director, having worked with several different companies throughout the years. As current Artistic Director and founder of Theatre Unchained, she challenges herself to help others bring their passions to life.  

Megan is dedicated to community involvement and in addition to her role with Theatre Unchained she is also actively involved with the following organizations: Dramatists Guild of America, New Play Exchange, Indy Fringe, Arts for Lawrence, Monument Theatre Company, Indianapolis Playwriting Circle, Indiana Writers Center, Mass Ave Merchants Association, and several others. Click her name above to find out more about this quirky, nerdy, and passionate storyteller.



Lighting Designer in Residence

(he/him/his) (they/them/theirs)

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Tim has returned to his hometown after spending years on the East Coast. Graduating with a BA in theatre from ISU, he started his journey by moving to California’s Bay Area and working closely with Mojo theatre and Ragged Wing Ensemble on their devised pieces. Soon after he moved to New York, where he worked with Gateway Playhouse as their assistant master electrician. Now he’s back home and planning to stay and ingrain himself into Indy’s theatre scene.

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Partner Photographer with ANKH Productions


Chandra Lynch is an actor, artist, international photographer & model and branding/social media manager. Chandra is the founder and co-owner of Ankh Productions (; offering photography, branding & social media management and original theater & film works. Notable stage credits include: SaltPepperKetchup (Fonseca Theatre), Still Singing Those Weary Blues (Jackson-Brown Entertainment) & To Kill A Mockingbird (Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre).

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Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager


Maggie Sebald is a graphic designer who is new to Indianapolis, but not new to the theatre world. While she doesn't act often, she has spent 7 years working as a jack-of-all-trades behind the scenes, making sure the shows run smoothly.

From set design and building, to prop and costume management, to marketing and design and more, she loves to be involved “backstage”, assisting the actors as they bring a story to life. She has the exciting opportunity to serve as Theatre Unchained’s Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager and is ready to work hard behind the scenes in order to create an amazing theatre experience for everyone. To see Maggie's portfolio please click her name above.


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Content Creator


Returning to Indianapolis from her Van Life adventure, Roci (Ro-si) is so excited to get back into the Indy theatre scene. While on the road, she stage managed her first show at Delray Beach Playhouse (Florida, March 2021) and most recently returned to the stage in Theatre Unchained's own "Coping with Autumn" after almost a two-year hiatus.

When she isn't busy playing a role on stage, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, and travel in her camper van with her supportive husband.

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Accessibility & Equity Outreach


Kaya (Kyle) Dorsch is an Indianapolis-based artist focused on collaborating with community organizations and theatre companies to tell stories that need to be heard. They have had the greatest opportunity to do so with Theatre Unchained, and look to continue to change the Indiana theatre scene by providing audiences with high-quality productions, engaging communities with impactful stories, and enriching talent with professional experiences.





Case Jacobus may be a scientist by trade, but has spent their life as an artist at heart. In just over nine years in Indianapolis, Case has worked with several local companies, including Emerging Artists Theatre Indy and Dinner Detective Indianapolis, both in front of and behind the curtain, and has learned this community has so much to offer Indianapolis and its patrons.


Seeing this potential has prompted Case to work together with Theatre Unchained to create a space where artists can truly thrive no matter their craft.

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Kyrsten Lyster graduated from the University of Indianapolis Department of Theatre in 2012 and has been working with numerous theatres around Indy since. She has experience in stage and voice acting, writing, directing, stage management, and stagecraft.


Kyrsten is incredibly excited about the future of Theatre Unchained and the stories it is going to share, as well as the opportunities it will present for working artists
in Indy.


Ethany Reeder Michaud


Ethany is a mental health and addictions therapist by day and is an actress by night. She has been involved in show choir, dance, and theatrical stage productions since she was a little girl. She has created her own personal mission of increasing the mental health conversation in the Indianapolis community and partnering with Theatre Unchained is helping to springboard this dream straight into reality. Ethany started out with Theatre Unchained as "Joy" in the inaugural production of Coping With Autumn and loved it so much that she decided to continue working alongside the other brilliant Dragons that made such a show possible. Ethany is so excited to continue to work on helping the community process important topics through the arts.



Head of Fundraising


Grant Nagel is relatively new to the theater and Indianapolis scene, but is excited to continue this journey. Having now acted for the IndyFringe Theater in several productions,  volunteered his talents for the Indiana Playwright Circle, and worked for Dinner Detective Indianapolis, Grant can honestly say he has found a new passion.  He is beyond thrilled for this opportunity with Theater Unchained to help “behind the curtain,” and truly hone his craft. 

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Jeremy Webner, although not an active theater actor or playwright, does stage management and is an active theatergoer and has steeped in Indiana theater for the last 5 years. Theater Unchained is just the company to forge a new path with it's powerful vision for the future of Indiana's theater scene. He is happy to be a part of shaping it.